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SiteBeam, SiteRay and WebScan v4.1

We’re upgrading all customers on Monday 11th April. The latest version adds support for HTML 5, improves many tests and adds a number of search engines.

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3 things you might not know about WebScan

WSI WebScan logoLast Friday and Saturday, we gave people a sneak peek of WebScan 5 at WSI’s Excellence and Innovation Convention (E&I) in Birmingham.

It was great to meet so many ICs and hear how they were using WebScan, and we were delighted by the positive feedback about the next version.

Weren’t able to come but are eager to see version 5? Signup for our webinar on Thursday 7 April.

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4 ways to boost your client’s Content Score in SiteBeam and WebScan

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The Content Score in website testing tools SiteBeam and WebScan is a summary of the quality of content on your client’s website – from its text to its imagery and metadata.

Content is a website’s most crucial asset. It’s everything. And so it needs to be useful or interesting, up to date, well-written and well-designed.

Often clients struggle to keep on top of all of these aspects, particularly if their site is large and has many contributors. So the Content Score provides you and them with a quick way of checking which areas of their website need some attention, and which are good enough to be left alone for a while.

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The secret to a great WebScan marketing score

Marketing Score report screen in WebScanAs a WSI IC, we’re guessing that the marketing score is the one you’ll care most about. This score in WebScan is a summary of how well marketed a website is online.  So it gives you a great insight into how easily people can find the site, and whether you’re missing opportunities to gain more traffic.

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Upgrade for all SiteBeam, SiteRay and WebScan customers

We’ve been busy making our software even better and are in the process of upgrading all SiteBeam, SiteRay and WebScan customers.

So what great new features are coming your way?

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