Preview sites on mobile & tablet

Sitebeam now shows how tested sites look on mobile and tablet. Run a website report as usual, when the report is finished, click the “Mobile” option in the menu.

Mobile screenshots

If you’re not a Sitebeam user already, you can try the free Sitebeam trial, and test up to 10 pages of any website.

Sitebeam Introduces Real Browsing

Today we’re pleased to introduce a new technology to Sitebeam which will ultimately affect everything we do: real browsing.

Until now, we’ve downloaded pages like a traditional ‘bot’, which means all Sitebeam can do is see your code. The problem with this is there’s now a lot of clever things that code can do – like AJAX – which are too complex to simulate. We used clever ways of ‘guessing’ these exceptions, but they were always potentially imperfect.

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What you didn’t realise about SiteBeam


When we asked SiteBeam customers what they thought about us at the end of last year, we noticed that many people weren’t aware of certain features or functionality.

We can hardly blame you, since we’ve been improving SiteBeam like crazy this year, and the tool is now more comprehensive than ever. But we thought you’d want to know about these things in particular: Read more

What you said about us: 2011 customer surveys

Are you happy?

In December we asked our SiteBeam customers what they thought about us. Here are the unabridged results (drumroll please): Read more

How intrusive are your cookies?


The new EU law on cookies specifies that websites ask consent before they set a cookie on a user’s machine. The ICO guidelines state that you can still set a cookie if it’s absolutely essential, and give an example of a user on an shopping website clicking to add a product to the basket. Apparently this is fine, but they warn against using the more ‘intrusive’ cookies. Read more