Information about Silktide’s free web-testing tool “Nibbler”. Articles to explain what Nibbler tests for, and development news.

Nibbler changes – New leaderboards show top users by country

Our free website testing tool Nibbler now has separate leaderboards for each country.

A few months ago we asked users which country they lived in when logging into Nibbler in preparation for this update. You’ll see the leaderboards for our most popular countries already populated with the best scoring web developers. Here’s a screenshot of the new users layout, showing top users in United Kingdom:

Top users United Kingdom Read more

Nibbler updates: Links tests & cheating sites banned

Nibbler wearing Santa hatWe’ve working on Nibbler this week, mostly to improve the scores to bring them in-line with modern web practises. As the industry of web development changes all the time, we don’t want to get left behind with what we test for. Scores will change as a result.

Many of the changes have also improved the top users and top sites lists, as we noticed some terrible websites getting into the top 10. Some users were even cheating to be there. That’s not on so we’ve been forced to get tough on the cheaters who are making Nibbler less fun for everyone else! Read more

Nibbler’s giving away $300 to top users

Amazon vouchers

As well as being a useful tool for testing your website, Nibbler is a fun site for web developers and designers. There’s always plenty of tussling for the #1 top user spot on the leaderboards which often changes several times a week, sometimes even daily. Read more

New media query test & badge added to Nibbler

nibbler media queries

With more ways than ever to view a website these days, we’ve got to think about how our websites are viewed on tiny phones, to large monitors. One of the best ways to optimise your website for the many different screen sizes is by using media queries, these allow you to provide different CSS rules for any screen size. This way, your website can look different on a phone or tablet, landscape or portrait, in a browse on your monitor, or maximised to full screen. Read more

Verify your site in Nibbler with WordPress plugin

If your website is created in WordPress it’s now even easier to verify. When you claim a website in Nibbler we ask that you add a meta tag into your website’s template, this is to prove that the website was created by you. Stephan Gerlach has created a WordPress plugin that now easily allows you to add the verification code without having to edit your template. Read more