Oliver Emberton

The stupid cookie law is dead at last

The organisation responsible for policing the UK cookie law has just announced that they will stop asking users for permission to set cookies on their own website. In other words:

Cookie Law summarised

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How to start a business and not get punched in the face

11 years ago I was an impoverished student about to graduate with £14k in debt. I did what any sensible person would do in this situation, and started my own business.

I co-founded with someone who proved to be less than ideal when he punched me in the face during our second board meeting. He owned 49% of my company. Our first annual profit – £200 – was barely enough to buy one iPod touch.

Punch to the face

A decade later I’m almost embarrassingly happy (and successful), but the road there was long and winding. Here’s some of what I learned: Read more

Is your website optimised for social sharing?

Open Graph

Are you using Open Graph for your webpages? You’re missing out badly if you’re not.

Open Graph tags are short snippets of code that tell social networks what a page is, and how it should be presented when people share it.

Take a look at what a difference it makes to Facebook:

Which are you more likely to click on?

Open Graph tags are valuable and easy to add. All you need is a short snippet of code. (We’ve also just added a new test to Sitebeam that checks them for you).

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The cookie law is dead, you’re welcome

Last week we laid down a bitter ultimatum to the guardians of the cookie law: Go Ahead And Sue Us. Read more

Fixing a broken cookie law

Dear ICO, sue usWe’re tired of the cookie law and the ham-fisted attempts to comply with it. Today we announced we’re dropping cookie solutions from our sites as a stupefying waste of time.

The law still exists of course and users still have legitimate privacy concerns. So we’re proposing a new solution. Read more