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New Nibbler badges – HTML5, Twitter & ARIA

New Nibbler badges

We’ve added loads of new badges recently, and you might have noticed the user leaderboards shuffling around as they’re claimed by users. Read more

Some very geeky jokes for web developers

Yesterday was international joke day, and we filled our Facebook page & Twitter with some of the best (and possibly worst!) geeky jokes for web designers & developers. Here’s some of the best:

Why did the programmer quit his job? Because he didn't get arrays Read more

New Nibbler updates – Scrolling layout & mobile screenshots

We’ve got a few new updates to announce on Nibbler, our free tool for testing websites. In this recent update we’ve added a new report layout, a Twitter test & mobile screenshots!

Nibbler scrolling layoutScrolling layout

Instead of having to click through each section from the menu, we’ve streamlined Nibbler’s report page so all you have to do now is scroll. It’s much simpler and easier to see the full report without missing out any important information.

Try this out for yourself by testing a website in Nibbler.

Mobile screenshots on Nibbler website reportMobile screenshots

We’ve improved the Mobile test, which lists all the sizes a website is optimized for. Nibbler now displays a screenshot of what the site looks like on a mobile and tablet, so you can see without even having to get your phone out of your pocket!

See also: Rare Nibbler badges you might not have seen 

New Nibbler Twitter test

Nibbler twitter test

Adding to our suite of social media tests in Nibbler, we’ve just launched a new one that’s so simple you probably know how it works already. Read more

Preview sites on mobile & tablet

Sitebeam now shows how tested sites look on mobile and tablet. Run a website report as usual, when the report is finished, click the “Mobile” option in the menu.

Mobile screenshots

If you’re not a Sitebeam user already, you can try the free Sitebeam trial, and test up to 10 pages of any website.