Nibbler changes – New leaderboards show top users by country

Our free website testing tool Nibbler now has separate leaderboards for each country.

A few months ago we asked users which country they lived in when logging into Nibbler in preparation for this update. You’ll see the leaderboards for our most popular countries already populated with the best scoring web developers. Here’s a screenshot of the new users layout, showing top users in United Kingdom:

Top users United Kingdom

Taken 15th Jan 2013, the order of rankings may have changed since.

Currently we display leaderboards for the countries where Nibbler is most popular, which are:

The worldwide leaderboard is still there, so you can see the top users overall. You can also find out what your rank is in your country and wordwide by looking at your own profile. Nibbler user Neil Robertson was happy to discover he’s #1 in Australia.

It’s great to see the country leaderboards introduced and it’s nice to be no 1. for something! :)

Neil Robertson

Neil Robertson's Nibbler profile

New Top sites page

Now on its own page, the top sites leaderboard shows the top 25 sites, ordered by Nibbler score.

Nibbler top sites

Upload a larger image

As you’ve noticed, the #1 top user on Nibbler displays much larger than before, which means we need larger images. If you don’t want your image to be grainy and stretched when you reach the #1 spot, upload a new image now, minimum 372 x 372 pixels.

Change to Twitter test

Nibbler’s Twitter test stopped working after the third party we used to source the information changed their service.  The test is now much closer to the Twitter test in our professional website testing tool Sitebeam.  Nibbler’s new Twitter test now gets a much more accurate count of Tweets per page, and displays them in a list so you can see which of your pages have been tweeted about.

Watch quick video tour of Sitebeam

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  • Oisin Conolly

    Love the new changes guys, Great service as always!
    I was just wondering, is there a way to find out the total number of websites and users?

    Having your website ranked at #12 sounds much cooler if it’s out of 150,000 websites, likewise if you’re just on the edge of the top 10 users and it’s out a few thousand users.
    It would be a great selling point to clients.

    • silktide

      Hi Oisin, good point. We don’t display this anywhere to keep the UI clean. There are over 11,250 registered Nibbler users, and almost 190,000 websites have been tested

  • Zebidybob

    I don’t use the standard youtube embed code as it doesn’t validate but the test doesn’t pick this up e.g no video star badge.

    A very useful site for making youtube videos validate is turns



    • David Ball

      Hi @e05ec7e91f91349543ccc6640f6b8405:disqus, the code you propose looks like the much more old fashioned way of embedding a Flash object, which as you know has problems on iOS devices. That’s nto the code that Nibbler checks for, because it’s indistinguishable from any other type of Flash object, like a game or animation. It might technically be “valid” enough to pass the W3C automated validator, but that code doesn’t give any alternative content to users/devices that don’t have Flash installed.

  • ale5000

    1) Now it doesn’t detect the print stylesheets (they were working fine before, no change on my part), the css file is referenced from html without the media attribute and the media is inside the css file.

    2) I have base target in the page why but I don’t get the “Base jumper” badge.

  • Dorinel

    great site

  • Fatana Zeeba

    nice art thanks it was useful

  • hassan niazai

    hey, i like the new changes i am glad for it thank u