Verify your site in Nibbler with WordPress plugin

If your website is created in WordPress it’s now even easier to verify. When you claim a website in Nibbler we ask that you add a meta tag into your website’s template, this is to prove that the website was created by you. Stephan Gerlach has created a WordPress plugin that now easily allows you to add the verification code without having to edit your template.

StephanI used to add my codes manually to the templates. Whenever I changed the template I had to remember to also update the verification code. This became a tedious task and I thought that there should be an easier way to do this. So I looked for a WordPress plugin thinking that someone should have already written one. When I didn’t find one I decided to write my own. This is actually the first plugin I have published. I am planning on creating some updates in the future and am more than happy to hear about suggestions.

Stephan has been a user of Nibbler since we launched the latest version back in October and is currently the 41st highest user.

StephanWhat I like most about Nibbler is that it simply gives you hints and tips on how to improve your website across a number of areas. When I make changes I can easily track my progress. And when all suggestions and errors are fixed I come out at the top (see one of my websites

You can download the wordpress plugin here or search the plugins directory inside your WordPress install for the word “nibbler”. The installed plugin will look like this:

Nibbler wordpress plugin screenshot

Simply add your verification code and press save. Your verification code is the long string of numbers inside the meta tag we give you when you select to claim a website.

Claim a website screenshot

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  • Sudhakar

    Great news for wordpress users 

  • Ivone

    How or where do I get the verification ? I have registered here, I install the plugin so what’s next?


    • Anonymous

      Test your website in Nibbler, then click “Claim this website”. On the next page “Add a meta tag to your homepage”, with this plugin installed you won’t actually need the entire meta tag, just the code which you can copy and paste into the plugin. 

  • Anonymous
    • Anonymous

      Thanks @DigimuteAdmin:disqus!

  • Exploration TravMag

    Once the plugin is added, is there any need to add the meta tag line to the home page?  I have put it there and placed the “long number” into the plugin…

    • Anonymous

      Hi, I believe this plugin replaces the need to put the meta tag into your site, it does this for you.

  • Frank

    That’s funny! The plugin generates a HTML Markup error:

    Bad value nibbler-site-verification for attribute name on element meta: Keyword nibbler-site-verification is not registered.

    Now my website isn’t W3C compliant any more… Funny, because that is one of my goals to test my sites with Nibbler.