The best Nibbler background images

Nibbler background competition

A few weeks ago we announced a competition for Nibbler users to upload a cool background to their profile, and here we’re showcasing our favourites!


jonghdesign's Nibbler profile

Stephan Gerlach

Stephan Gerlach's Nibbler profile

Scott Mokler

Scott Mokler's Nibbler profile

Theodor Daniel

Theodore's Nibbler profile

Man Ma

Man Ma's Nibbler profile

And here’s a special mention to Clint Creation who I presume has drawn a self portrait for his background image!

Clint Creation

Clint Creation's Nibbler profile

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  • Scott ‘Lawsy’ Mokler

    Awesome, thanks guys :)

  • Man Ma

    Sweet! Thanks David!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Wow… thanks. Nice work people.

  • Leanne Botha

    Clint of Clint’s creations is much cuter in person. The background drawings don’t do him justice!


    Thanks Nibbler for the mention!

  • John

    Awesome…   Nibbler is always great.

  • Christophe Mariani

    Very awesome graphics!