Nibbler profile background competition

Nibbler profile backgrounds

We think it’s time for a new Nibbler competition! We noticed today that some users are using the backgrounds on their profiles to make them look even more awesome, and that gave us an idea! If you upload a cool new background to your Nibbler profile, we’ll showcase it in a blog article in a few weeks time.

You might know that you can choose between some colourful default different background images for your profile, but did you know you can upload your own branded image? Here’s some Nibbler profiles that already have cool backgrounds:

Oisin Conolly's profile

Oisin Conolly's Nibbler profile

Karen Thompson's profile

Karen Thompson's Nibbler profile

Eduard Weber's profile

Eduard Weber's Nibbler profile

How to change your background

To change your background, go to your profile and click Edit details.

Click edit details

You’ll see a choice of other backgrounds here , and an option to upload your own.

Upload image

If your image is small you’ll likely want it to be tiled, this works best if it’s a repeatable image of you’ll have an odd line where the image ends (even if you can’t see this, someone with a higher screen resolution might).

If you upload a cool image we’ll show a screenshot in a blog article in two weeks time with a link to your profile. This’ll be a great way to show off your Nibbler profile so make sure you’ve claimed your best websites!

After you’ve uploaded your photo, why not Tweet it with the hashtag #nibblerbg too?

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