Rare Nibbler badges you might not have seen

Girl searching for Nibbler in the jungle

Our website testing tool Nibbler will award you with badges when you claim certain websites. We’ve given you a bit of a head start on how to collect some of these badges here, but we’ve deliberately left some a mystery!

Some of these badges are much harder to collect than others. In this article we’ll show you some badges that are really difficult to collect, and even some that nobody has claimed yet – could you be the first?

Hard to get


A-list badgeA-list is one of the new popularity badges we’ve added recently. To claim this badge you need to have one of the 100 most popular websites in the world (as ranked by Alexa). This list includes superstars like Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia and other really well known websites. So far this badge hasn’t been claimed; maybe you’ll be the first to receive it?

Link bait

Link bait badgeIt’s a fact that some websites are linked to more than others. Many sites are useful sources of information so attract lots of links -think about how many websites link to Wikipedia! The Link bait badge is awarded to websites with over 10,000 other sites linking to it. Any site wanting to climb up the Google search rankings should be looking to get as many incoming links as possible, but it’s not that easy, so this badge is a small reward for all your hard work.


Gay sharks

Gay sharksIn series 1 of Glee, Brittany the cheerleader created an internet meme when she asked “Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?” We created a badge awarded to any site mentioning this popular phrase, but it’s never been claimed. Maybe there’s not many webdevelopers who are fans of Glee. Who knew?

Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen badgeClearly nobody is ‘Winning’ as much as Charlie Sheen, as this badge hasn’t yet been claimed. Get yourself addicted to the drug called Charlie Sheen bro!

TV/Film badges

This parrot is dead…

Lumberjack badgeDead Parrott badgeQuoting Monty Python sketches might annoy your colleagues, but it’ll actually earn you a badge in Nibbler! If Nibbler finds some lines from the famous dead parrot sketch on your website you’ll get a special badge. There’s also a separate badge to collect for quoting a certain song about lumberjacks too. Currently nobody holds this badge, so what are you waiting for?


Futurama badgeWith one of the characters called Nibbler, the cartoon Futurama holds a special place in our hearts. If we find character names on your website we’ll award you a Futurama badge, and if you claim it today you’ll probably be the first.

Badges for geeks

Jedi Knight badgeStar Trek BadgeBig Bang Theory badgeBig Bang Theory is a US sitcom about geeks. Nibbler rewards mentions of characters from the series with a special badge. There are also badges available for sites referencing popular words and character names from Star Trek, Star Wars and several other geeky films and TV shows.

Tongue tied chemist

Tongue tied chemist badgeChemistry has lots of really long and complicated words. We thought we’d reward chemistry websites with a special badge,although the words we look for are probably quite niche like Tetramethyldiaminobenzhydrylphosphinous and Formaldehydetetramethylamidofluorimum (yes these are real chemistry words!). Currently nobody has claimed this badge, and to be honest we’d be surprised if someone did. Go on, impress us!


Browser wars

Browser wars badgeWe’re quite glad that this badge hasn’t been collected many times. Any website that includes the text “best viewed in Netscape” or similar browsers will be awarded (if that’s the right term) this badge. So far only one user has claimed this badge – it’s not something to be proud of.

HTML5 black belt

HTML5 black belt badgeWe want to reward web developers who work long and hard making great websites with modern technology. If you claim over 30 websites built using HTML5 you’ll be awarded the HTML black belt badge. So far only one person has claimed this badge, could you be the 2nd?

Of course, some of these badges were created just for fun , so they only add a few meagre points to your overall score; but some of the more difficult badges will reward you handsomely for your efforts.

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  • Jesse Meijer

    I’m pretty sure that I did collect the HTML5 black belt badge!

    • http://www.facebook.com/drball David Ball

      I wrote this last week, you must have claimed it in the interim. Well done! I’ve changed the article wording slightly to be more accurate!

  • http://geovoyagers.de Seven

    Hi David, I managed to get the Trekki Badge, but it does not look like the Communicator Bade for Star Trek as shown above … I like the one above much more … :)

    • http://www.facebook.com/drball David Ball

      You’re right, it looks like the correct badge isn’t showing! We’ll have a look at this and fix it. 

  • http://www.maxol.nl/ Maxol

    Just subscribed our site and get six badges. But there is a lot to do…

  • Mutuelle Familiale

    Thanks for the info. Are there any vouchers left?

    • http://www.facebook.com/drball David Ball

      All vouchers have now been given away, sorry!

  • http://sorebuttcheeks.blogspot.com/ steroids

    those nibbler badges are pretty cute.

  • Djlanco

    Hey guy’s thought I bring this to your attention, I found a company that uses a very similar logo to nibbler http://www.bislr.com/blog
    Looks like a complete rip off

    • http://www.facebook.com/drball David Ball

      Thanks for letting us know Djlanco! Their logo is a bit similar, but not unreasonable that they could have just invented it themselves. The Nibbler logo is quite simple so it’s likely that many robot monsters will look a bit similar. 

      We’re not going to go all SOPA on them and demand they be blacklisted from the internet without warning!

  • MaskedMagic

    lol good list, I will try to see how many of these I can get without running too far off course on my website :)

  • MaskedMagic

    btw, is there a list anywhere that shows every badge available

    • MaskedMagic

      UPDATE: I now have the Gay Shark badge – not too sure if to be proud of that but nevermind.

    • http://www.facebook.com/drball David Ball

      Hi, there isn’t a full list, we want to keep some of them a mystery until you find them. Test some sites and see what badges they get. 

      We’ve listed a few simple badges here too: 

  • ale5000

    I’m looking for the “Slasher badge”, what exactly mean “handles trailing slashes on URLs correctly”?
    Isn’t redirecting from not-trailing urls to trailing urls enough?
    How does is it checked?

  • ale5000

    Isn’t “IE6 Advocate” badge rewarded when loading htc scripts using “behavior:” in css files to fix things not supported by IE?

  • ale5000

    Why I don’t get the “Base jumper” badge with “base target” in the page?