1st Nibbler competition winner announced


We’re running a competition this month to reward the users who make it to the top of the user leaderboards. Today’s the day we announce the winner of the 1st award.

The winner is…


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5460 points

John Roberts

Software Developer, Web Developer and all round Geek for Estates IT. Developing for UK Estate Agents large and small.

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Well done! John wins $100 dollars worth of Amazon gift vouchers.

It could be your turn next!

The competition isn’t over, we’re doing it all again next week! (and the week after too). We’ll check the leaderboards on Wednesday the 14th of December and give another award to the top user.

If you want to know more about the competition click here to see the rules.

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  • Nibbled Estates IT

    It was a close run thing and not even who I expected would be fighting for the number 1 spot. Estates IT are chuffed to have been the first winner. Look at the top profiles and you will see that Estates IT have submitted high quality unique sites that provide standards, compliance and beauty in one, no cloning required. Thanks to all the peeps at Silktide for bringing good tools to help us.
    John Roberts is Technical director and architect of software and websites for Estate Agents with http://www.estatesit.com. However there are others involved in our endeavours including Steve Cooke, Vicky Lawson and James Basoo. Thanks.

  • Jesse Meijer

    Congratulations! Well fought! You truly do have beautiful websites in your portfolio!