New Nibbler popularity badges added

New badges

The effectiveness and popularity of a website isn’t just limited to the technology used to build it, there’s lots more us web developers have to do these days than just build a website. With all the SEO, linkbuilding and social media we have to do, we’re always on our toes! So we’ve created a few new badges in Nibbler that reward web developers for all their hard work.

The After Eight badge

The new ‘After Eight’ badge (named after… can you guess? Our favourite mint chocolate!) actually started as an idea suggested to us by a Nibbler user. You’ll be awarded this badge if all your websites score over 8.0 (you need at least 3).

Social Media badges added

Social media continues to be a great way to advertise your site, and often isn’t easy. It can take a lot of effort to get people talking about your site on Twitter, so we want to reward websites that have got people tweeting about them. Any tweets about the site makes the site elligable for the ‘Tweeted’ badge, and 20 Tweets gets you the ‘Well Tweeted’ badge. If the site’s gone viral and has over 1000 tweets, it’ll get ‘Massively Tweeted’.

Popularity badges added

We’ve added a few badges based on the world popularity of your website. If you test a website in the top 100 (c’mon Zuckerburg, you know you want to claim Facebook in Nibbler!) you’re qualify for the A-list badge, or a site in the top 10,000 or 100,000 will get the B-list and C-list badges. We get this information from Alexa, and if it doesn’t currently have a rank for your website it’ll be awarded the Z-list badge.

To improve your popularity it helps a lot if you get other sites linking to yours. This will increase your SEO ranking and also drive much needed traffic to the site. We want to reward websites with a lot of incoming links with the ‘Linked’, ‘Well linked’ badges if it has over 100 or 1000 incoming links, and if the site is popular enough to get over 10,000 incoming links it’ll get the ‘Link bait’ badge.

If you want to increase your user score, claim a website with these new badges and it’ll be added to your score. Retest your websites to see if they get these new badges.

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