New Nibbler is launched!

Nibbler launchedToday we’ve launched the new version of Nibbler!

Nibbler is our popular free tool for testing websites. And as of today, it’s now a tool for showcasing and sharing the work of web developers, designers and content creators too.

After months of work and help from our lovely beta group, Nibbler’s now even better, and still free. Try out the new Nibbler now, or read on to find out why it’s so awesome.

Nibbler homepage

So what’s changed?

Lots of things have changed in the new Nibbler, in fact you’ll barely recognise it. As well as the radical new design and logo, we’ve added loads of new features too.

You’re still able to test websites (that’s the whole point!), but we’ve made all thetests better, more efficient and more accurate. We’ve also changed the look of the website reports and broken it down over multiple pages so you get more detail.

Your personal website profile

The biggest change in Nibbler is that you can now showcase your own websites on your profile.

Andy's profile

You’ll now be able to claim websites as your own, which will add them to your personal profile. You’ll be able to use this to show off your website scores to others, and build up a portfolio of your work that’s been objectively rated.

You can also customise your profile by uploading your own individual background.

Franco Mennella's profile

Earning badges

When you claim websites as your own, you’ll notice that you’ll receive badges relating to some part of that website. There’ll be badges about the technology you’ve used and the content on your site. The more badges you have, the higher your score. You can see a list of top users by score here.

Badges earned by a website

Some badges are serious and some just for fun – they are intended to just give a quick indication of a site. For example you’ll get the ‘HTML5‘ badge if you claim a website using HTML5, the ‘W3C Rebel‘ badge if your site isn’t compliant , or the ‘Migrane‘ badge if you use the old MAQUEE tag in your HTML! There’s also loads of hidden ones which you’ll have to find out for yourself. Here’s a head start: you’ll get the ‘Cat Lover‘ badge if you use the phrase “Here is a picture of my cat” somewhere on your site.

Create your website profile and start claiming websites

Register on NibblerTo make the most of the new features in Nibbler, create yourself an account, and start claiming sites to add them to your profile. All your sites will appear on your profile and give you more points. So get testing, claiming and boasting!


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  • Chris, Inventor of Revamp

    I LOVE this website!  It has really helped me develop my own website.  As an inventor, I like to know how things work and get developed.  This really helped me understand websites.  

    • David Ball

      Hi Chris, that’s great! Thanks for your comment!

  • James Crooke

    I think there’s a bit of a glitch with the badges – I managed to get “Awarded Top 50 and 19 other badges worth a total of 2655 points.” yet my points score is currently 2105 due to re-testing certain sites. 

    For example, My Top 100 badge has disappeared yet I still have my Top 50 badge?

    • David Ball

      Thanks James, we’ve noticed a few problems with the calculation of points and have been working on fixing these this week. Hopefully it should be calculating them correctly now.

  • Simon

    Love the site tester, it’s a great tool for highlighting what i’m doing wrong, could be doing better and also what i’d doing right! Very helpful to an amateur tinkerer like me.

    Not so sure about the badge scoring system though.  Putting a photo of your cat on a site gets you a ‘Cat Lover badge’, fair enough, but 250 points, really? Meanwhile for designing a site that scores in the top 50 of all those tested (no mean feat) you get 50 points?? I get that it’s supposed to be fun, but shouldn’t the scores be a little more realistic and reward good design more than playful whimsy. Otherwise you may miss out on the oportunity to use the scoring system as a yard-stick for ability that could become a good advert for designers skills.

    Or am I missing the point???

    • David Ball

      Hi Simon, we’ll be reviewing the scoring of each badge soon, more were added more recently and we realise the points aren’t quite balanced!
      You’re right, Nibbler is supposed to be a fun and free version of our more detailed website testing tool SiteBeam (which gives you a lot more information), which is why we have a few whimsical badges like the Cat Lover badge.
      And quite honestly, if you do get the Cat Lover badge, that’ll probably be the only badge you’ll likely get!

  • nWebDesign

    would love to see a list of all the badges so we can know what to aim for!

    • David Ball

      Good point! We’ll be posting one soon, but for now you might have to guess. There are many badges (some are even quite obscure!), and we’ll even be adding more soon – can you recommend some you’d like to see?